JK6839BT Embedded MP3 decoder module audio board

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Product Price : USD 2.15~4.00
Min Order : 2 Pieces
Audio Format Support: APE, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMA
Brand Name: J&K
Model Number: JK6839BT
Screen: No
Battery Life: > 20 hours
Style: Card
Function: Bluetooth, FM Radio, USB/SD-MP3/FM/Bluetooth
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Product type: MP3 decoder board
Application: Pro audio, Amplifier,Speaker,car audio...
Format: MP3
Memory: USB/SD
Support: IR remote control
Panel color: Black
Panel size: 105*25.5mm
Voltage: 5V
Product name: Embedded MP3 decoder module audio board

  JK6839BT Embedded MP3 decoder module audio board

 1. Embedded MP3 decoder module audio board function. 

 USB/SD/MP3/Line in (AUX)/FM/Bluetooth

  MP3 decorder support 32–320kbps

  FAT16 or FAT32 systems supported


 Bluetooth 5.0 version, distance : not less 10meters.


Folders choice.

 With Remote control 

 2, Keys function:

MODE: USB/SD/AUX/FM/Bluetooth switch.

NEXT/V+: Under MP3 mode,  short press NEXT, long press VOL+.
         Under AUX mode, press VOL+.
         Under FM mode, short press to selection up, long press VOL+.

         Under bluetooth mode, press VOL+.

PLAY/PAUSE:Under MP3 mode, short press PLAY/PAUSE, long press STOP..
             Under AUX mode, press play/mute.
             Under FM mode, short press to automatic selection.

             Under bluetooth mode, press play/mute.
PRE/V-: Under MP3 mode, short press LAST, long press VOL-.
       Under AUX mode, press VOL-
       Under FM mode, short press to selection down, long press VOL-.

        Under bluetooth mode, press VOL-.


3, Power supply DC5V

 4, Remote Control--- Keys function

Power :ON/OFF  (standby)
Mode : Same function with Long press Play/Pause button on pannel for switch the working Mode
PREV: For Previous song in USB/SD state
NEXT: For Next song in USB/SD state
VOL+ : Volume up
VOL-: Volume down
RPT: For switching one song repeat or all song repeat in USB/SD state, default is all song repeat .
U/SD: Switch USB/SD /FM scan.
MUTE: First press mute , press again will release from mute.
PLAY/PAUSE : For play and pause in USB/SD state.
Button 0-9 : Select song in USB/SD state, if the song number over 9 , just input the numbers in series .

5,Panel  dimension :105*25.5mm

Embedded MP3 decoder module audio board photo  


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